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  • Tips And Information About Online Purchase Procedure

    Posted on : 14 Jan, 2017


    Today being the age of internet, everything done is online.  The easiest job is shopping online by just sitting at home. Buying coffee online or buying chocolates online, the procedure is the same.  Only the product differs. Even before we proceed to the online purchase procedure, let us discuss about coffee and chocolates.  Let me tell you, I am crazy about both of them.


    Chocolates- the very thought itself makes a person hungry. Eating chocolate is easy. Have you ever thought what a chocolate is or rather how it is made? Let me solve your problem in simple words. When you mix cocoa solids, cocoa butter or other fat, condensed milk and sugar and blend it properly, you get yummy chocolates. The combination of ingredients used makes a chocolate- a milk chocolate or white chocolate. The taste of a chocolates makes a person (whether  a child, youth, adult or senior citizen) eat the chocolate.


    Coffee on the other hand is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans. Roasted beans are ground and brewed with near boiling water to produce coffee as a beverage.


    Procedure of online purchase:


    • Choose the product you want to purchase: Various websites have to be surfed to get the desired flavors.


    • Check the ingredients of the product:  Normally there are chocolates which can be consumed by all the age factors and some which can be consumed only by adults or senior citizens. Likewise there are two types of coffees available in market.  One with caffeine and other without caffeine. One should choose according to the tastes and preferences and not according to the availability of the product.


    • Compare the cost of the product:  Various websites are to be compared when it comes to cost of the product.  Each website offers different schemes which results in fluctuations in price which may be an advantage to the end user that is you.


    • Place an Order: When once everything is sorted out, place an order on the form available on the website.


    • Provide your contact details:  This is the most important factor because if you a wrong or incomplete address, then your consignment will never reach you.


    • Payment: There are 3 payment options which almost every website provides:-
    1. Payment through use of your Debit card;
    2. Payment through use of Credit card; &
    3. Cash on Delivery.


    You can choose any of the options.  Payment through debit or credit card has to done immediately while cash on delivery means only after you receive the product you can pay the amount to the courier person.


    The procedure may sound lengthy but Java Times Caffe  makes this procedure simple.  You can have confidence on this website and place an order and receive the best product – quality wise.  Java Times Caffe provides the facility to buy chocolates online. Having a good collection of coffee flavors, it is also known for its services in allowing to buy online coffee. Experience the service now and make it an memorable movement.




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