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Great Coffee Brewing Advice Anyone Can Use Open a New Coffee Shop

  • 14th

    January, 2017

    Great Coffee Brewing Advice Anyone Can Use Open a New Coffee Shop

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    Coffee…. A person fond of coffee only can tell the how refreshing you feel after a having a good coffee.  I myself  am an coffee lover.  My day starts with a cup of good, aromatic coffee.


    It is a great idea to start a new business and that too if it is , starting your own coffee shop a life time dream comes true. Sometimes I feel that only a person having a great knowledge of coffee and a coffee lover can handle the coffee shop better.


    Owning a coffee shop means live life on your terms.  Have your own working time and there is no control on what has to be served to your customers.  You have a complete control on your customer list and you can serve any brand of coffee to your customers or whatever they order.

    But the thought of owning a coffee shop should be followed by your budget. You can own coffee shop on a small scale where investment is comparatively low and which you can easily afford to repay in case of any loan taken for starting a coffee shop business.


    Starting a coffee shop business needs the following requirements:


    1) Certification from health related departments:

    To open a commercial food-service business, taking permission from the health department is a must. A proper certificate will always save you from any sorts of inspection. However, this certificate will have to be renewed every year.  This sort of permission is normally given to secure the safety and hygiene of the common public having the food you serve.


    2) Electrical and Plumbing Requirements

    You own espresso coffee machines, it is an asset to your coffee shop.  Well, it depends on you whether you want to do business with an espresso coffee machine or not.  You may choose your own ways to serve good and hygienic coffee. One thing should be made clear to you.  Having an espresso coffee machine means your electrical and plumbing requirements should suit the requirements of your coffee machine.  Whether there is espresso coffee machine or not, your coffee shop requires electrical and plumbing arrangements. 


    3) Maintenance of  coffee shop

    You have to concentrate on cleaning of the coffee shop and take necessary steps to keep it neat and clean.  A clean environment in your coffee shop will always attract the customers.  


    5) Type of Milk

    The taste of coffee differs on the type of milk used. Whole milk has a creamy texture that most customers will enjoy in a latte, and it can be steamed nicely. But whole milk cannot be frothed, as required for cappuccino. In fact, skim milk is the best milk for frothing.

    Therefore, you will need skim milk and whole milk, and maybe 1% or 2% milk. And you might even have customers that request soy milk. In addition, you may also have customers who enjoy cream or half-and-half in other coffee drinks. If you are going to provide whipped cream, it is much better to whip it fresh.

    You may doubts on how to open an new coffee shop, visit Java Times Caffe for excellent support and guidance.

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Great Coffee Brewing Advice Anyone Can Use Open a New Coffee Shop

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Great Coffee Brewing Advice Anyone Can Use Open a New Coffee Shop


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