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Here Are All The New World Coffee Champions

  • 16th

    June, 2017

    Here Are All The New World Coffee Champions

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    Budapest, Hungary: The 2017 World of Coffee Expo has come to a close after 3 full days of caffeinated bedlam, bringing with it an august new bumpercrop of global coffee champions. Each winner takes home glory and promotional prizes as part of the World Coffee Events stable of competitions, including the World Brewers Cup, World Cup Tasters Championship, World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship, and World Latte Art Championship.

    Four new champs, anointed from a field of hundreds. Let’s meet them, shall we? So that we may bask in their glory, and let the triumph of these moments ring from the Danube to all corners of the earth.

    For his winning routine, Wang opted to brew with a cold ceramic Hario V60, noting that the thick ceramic promoted “temperature stability” and the non-warmed brewer “enhances the intensity of [his] coffee.” Using 15 grams of coffee to 250ml of 92°C water (197.6°F)–a 16.667:1 ratio–the Taiwanese champion began with a 30 second bloom before pouring the remaining water into the center of his V60s for a two-minute total brew time. The end result was a total of 220ml coffee for each of the judges.

    In the cup, Wang’s Panama Geisha treated judges to aromas of peach, melon, and butterscotch, and flavors of melon, white peach, orange blossom, and caramel with a banana liqueur and kiwi finish. A pineapple acidity and honey-like sweetness were prominent features in his world dominating brew.

    Wang’s performance was a masterclass in precision. No energy was wasted throughout the entire nine minutes and 59 seconds of his routine, every movement done with effortless intentionality. Watching his performance, it was clear that we were witnessing a master of his craft in his element. It was evident last year when Wang took the bronze that he would be a favorite, should he make it to the World stage in 2017. But he’s a favorite no more. Chad Wang of Taiwan in the 2017 World Brewers Cup champion.

    World Cup Tasters Championship: Lok Chan, Craft Coffee Roasters, Hong Kong

    Lok Chan of Craft Coffee Roaster in Hong Kong is your new 2017 World Cup Tasters champion!

    Cup Tasters in unlike any other coffee championship. There are no routines, no judges, nothing prepared. The tasters come equipped simply with their spoons and their palates. Throughout the course of the four elimination rounds, cup tasters are presented with eight sets of three cups of coffee and must decipher which of the three is unlike the others. The differences from cup to cup are minute, indistinguishable to even the most refined palates in the coffee world. But not to Lok Chan.

    His first appearance at the World Cup Tasters Championship, Chan was nearly perfect throughout the entirety of the event, going a perfect eight for eight in three of the four rounds; he went a paltry (by his standards) seven for eight in the Quarterfinal round. But it was enough to get him to the Semis, and then again to the Finals.

    In the last round, Chan was the second fastest in recognizing odd cup out, only slower than the United Kingdom’s Freda Yun, who correctly distinguished seven of eight. This allowed Chan to eke by Satsuki Amano of Japan, the only other competitor to go a perfect eight for eight in the Final round, but doing so just a hair behind Chan.

    And Chan knew it. When the eighth cups for himself and Amano were raised at the same time, the underside of both cups shined with the metallic stars symbolizing the correct pick, and Chan immediately raised his fists skyward in victory. All that was left was the official announcement, and it confirmed what we all knew: Lok Chan of Hong Kong is the 2017 World Cup Tasters Champion.

    World Latte Art Championship: Arnon Thitiprasert, Rist8o, Thailand

    Arnon Thitiprasert of Ristr8to in Chiang Mai, Thailand is your 2017 World Latte Art Champion!

    Thitiprasert represented Thailand in the competition, out-pouring and out-etching forty other national champions. The bar was set so high at this event, by the end of all six finalists, not one person in the crowd could say for certain who would be crowned champion.


    THANK YOU again to our 2017 World of Coffee coverage sponsors Acaia, Aerobie, Baratza, Cafe Imports, Pacific Foods, and Swiss Water Decaf. All of our 2017 competition coverage worldwide is underwritten with support from Urnex Brands and Nuova Simonelli


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