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Important Criteria When Selecting a Gourmet Coffee Service

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    September, 2014

    Important Criteria When Selecting a Gourmet Coffee Service

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    Getting a coffee service for your business can improve employee morale, unless it's not a good coffee service. If you select a company that doesn't deliver adequate service or provide you with a great selection, you'll find that what you intended to be a benefit has now become a bone of contention with your employees. That's why you need to use a checklist of the basic requirements for a good coffee service.

    Quality Products Are Important

    When you choose a service, make certain you check the type of coffee they offer. You should be able to recognize a few of the name brands available. If the office coffee tastes like mud, you'll still have employees popping in late because the line at Starbucks was a little longer than expected and not receive any positive feedback or benefit from the money you paid for the service. It's a huge positive if they offer all the favorites of the office and you can alternate between brands.

    Prompt Customer Dedicated Service

    Coffee services are only good if the equipment works and you have an adequate stock of coffee. They should also rotate out old coffee so you always get a fresh delicious flavor. If your service doesn't make regular stops at the business to restock coffee or it takes forever for the service to repair or replace faulty equipment, you need to immediately consider a different service and find one where the customer is king. You should also be able to read invoices easily and get prompt answers from their customer service if there's a billing problem.

    The Equipment Makes a Difference

    Some coffee services provide a professional brewer, but you may have to fill the brewer with tap water or provide bottled water to fill them. Others may provide adequate pots, but not an air-pot brewing system that provides the "in restaurant" taste. Check out the type of equipment the company provides, particularly if your office water is less than good. You'll want to use a company that offers water filters and keeps them changed regularly.

    A Good Product Selection Pleases the Entire Staff and Visitors

    Not everyone loves coffee; both employees and visitors to the office may have other preferences. Some people enjoy a cup of tea or even hot chocolate. Your coffee service should make those available, as well as other drinks such as cappuccino or spiced apple cider. A good service will also carry instant soup mix and maybe even snacks, such as microwave popcorn, for those working lunches or late nights.

    Pricing Is Important

    As with any employee benefit, the price you pay for the service counts as well, particularly if your budget is limited. While coffee is a morale booster, it should be affordable and reasonable enough to justify having the service. The service shouldn't require a contract, but should provide the equipment free if you have a large order. When all things are equal, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know the lowest price is the best choice.To know more about Gourmet Coffee Franchise please visit here : -

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Important Criteria When Selecting a Gourmet Coffee Service

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Important Criteria When Selecting a Gourmet Coffee Service


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