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Top Suggestions for Choosing the Best Cakes, Chocolates and Bakery Products

  • 26th

    September, 2016

    Top Suggestions for Choosing the Best Cakes, Chocolates and Bakery Products

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    Craving for warm soft muffin cake with tea? Planning to surprise your loved ones on their special day with their favorite chocolate tiramisu? Or wanna pamper that special person of yours with exotic chocolates?



    We at Java Time caffe have a one stop solution for your taste buds and relationship crisis. We can solve your dilemma of buying right cakes and chocolates online at the right time to complement the right occasion. We have a wide range of bakery cakes, biscotti, candies and confectionaries, cookies and cake mixes and pastries that can make your heart skip a beat.



    The common mistakes or mishaps that can occur when you gift bakery cakes online are that most people end up in getting a cake which is totally misfit for the occasion. Or most of them end up buying the same bland cake irrespective of the occasion. Well don’t you want your cakes customized for the occasion? Nobody wants the emotionless straightforward cake on a bachelorette party or a baby shower right? Another important thing to note while gifting cakes is timings. Nothing can beat the joy of surprising a loved one on their birthday by delivering those midnight cake surprises.



    And then there is the big list of baking fails- wrong temperature of ingredients like butter, cream, cheese and eggs thereby resulting in improper mixing, poor quality of ingredients, lack of care when it comes to chocolate thermodynamics, not understanding your oven properly, not understanding the chemistry behind substitutions.



    Well so now you know how wrong cakes not just spoil your moods and taste buds but also your relationships. We at Java time Caffe offer you a wide range customized sinful and exotic flavors that you cake lovers can indulge in. Well irrespective of what part of the world you are in you can gift your cakes with help of few clicks. Oh yeah we know what you are thinking.



    We also offer you gift ideas in chocolate. We worship the greatest discovery made on earth and we thank our Mayan and Aztec ancestors for discovering cocoa beans. And not to forget, well you know dramatic impact this dark knight has on its recipient. From assorted exotic flavors to finesse packaging-we make gifting truly a heavenly experience.



    Well holidays and occasions are the perfect excuses for people to get away from their daily monotony. And the perfect way to make them feel special is a little gift as a token that they are remembered.Theres something about chocolates that can just lighten up the world don’t you agree?


    So we at Java Time Caffe are not just about coffee!!!We are the mecca of online bakery, patisserie and all the other sinfully tasty things in life worth indulging!! Each of our products is of highest quality, prepared in the most hygienic environment. Our assortments and flavors complement any seasons or special occasions!!!



    We believe life is too short to eat bad cakes. So stop brooding over a bad day at work or finding ways to pacify your fuming partner. We are just a click away!!!!


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Top Suggestions for Choosing the Best Cakes, Chocolates and Bakery Products

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Top Suggestions for Choosing the Best Cakes, Chocolates and Bakery Products


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