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Java Times Caffe is an online marketplace created for shoppers and sellers who love tea, coffee, chocolate, and fine bakery products. Our worldwide service is designed with one single purpose in mind: offer these four products to consumers, and do so from one place. This gives us the ability to offer a variety of services related to these four products; allowing customers and businesses the opportunity to learn about, buy, or sell, these products without leaving the Java Time Caffe community.


What We Offer


For Store Owners


Java Times Caffe consists of independently run online stores which are very simple to get set up. Anyone - from individuals to nonprofits - can sign up to sell our products. No programming knowledge is needed, we teach store owners what they need to know to be successful.

Every Java Times Caffe storefront is the perfect place to sell tea, coffee, cocoa, pastries, as well as equipment and supplies needed to make and enjoy these products.


Our platform makes it easy for everyone to start selling right away. A free admin panel is available, and every store owner has their own social profile, and can interact directly with their clients when ever they want.


For Shoppers


Java Times Caffe offers a wonderful and creative shopping experience to our customers. Shoppers can 'Like' products in order to find them easier the next time they come shopping. They can watch their favorite stores in order to keep up to date on what is new. They can easily communicate with store owners, asking questions without fear of being ignored.

For more information about enhancing your shopping experience at Jave Times Caffe, be sure to read about it in the "Browsing and Socializing" section on our site.

Each worldwide location ships from their own area, each with their own shipping costs. If you purchase an espresso machine from a business in New York, and a large can of coffee from a reputable roaster in San Francisco, each will have their own shipping costs, and each may send at different times.

After you order and then pay, your payment goes from the buyer to our platform. Here it gets processed in seconds, then it is up to the store owner to begin the shipping process. After the buyer confirms that the package was received, the supplier finally gets paid. This is our guarantee to our customers that you get quality, premium service from each Java Times Caffe storefront.

Java Times Caffe is the host of these online storefronts. We provide all the tools that store owners need to get started. Why not browse our site and check out our social ecommerce platform? While you are browsing, be sure to visit our Team page. Here you will learn about the small group of people that have put their hearts and souls into making Java Times Caffe a success. Faithful followers can even find us on Twitter. 




The delicious taste in a cup of coffee depends on roasting precision and quality of the beans used. Due to the increasing sophistication of our clients, we offer a variety of Arabica coffees roasted to different degrees. The darkest roasting allows the unique aroma and flavors of the toasting to take the leading role.

Java Times Caffe only roasts to PICO standards (TM) or darker. Ordinary and common commercial "gourmet" Coffee roasters roast predominantly to Cinnamon and American levels, creating coffees which are often grassy, sour and bitter in taste.



Depending on the coffee, it is roasted for longer times, its spiciness begins to soften, and more roasted flavors slip into the mixture. Our large selection of roasts lets you taste the difference that toasting makes, while satisfying all types of tastes and methods of preparation.




Most coffees at Java Times Caffe® are PICO-roasted to a specific flavor standard, rather than to a specific color. The PICO Roast creates coffees with a balanced flavor and full aromas, allowing connoisseurs to distinguish flavor differences arising from the origins and quality of coffee. Because this method roasts until an optimal flavor, sour or bitter tones are never detected in the beverage. Variations in density, size, shape and bean moisture affect the roasting, requiring our roast masters to have the ability to bring out the true flavors out of the coffee.



Consumers are switching en masse to the darker roasted coffees, thanks to the popularity of espresso beverages. The popularity of espresso opened the door for consumers to try darker roasted coffees, and most are not returning to thin coffees, of lighter roast. So feel free to promote the darkest roast with confidence.


To prevent espresso beverages sales from falling, consider introducing a second premium espresso for their beverages. Give your customer a choice of which espresso you wish to use for the preparation of their beverage. A different espresso, of higher refinement may just be the element that makes consumers crave for your, and only your, espresso beverages.




The Espresso Roast at Java Times Caffe is similar to the roast in traditional European espresso in the sense that the coffee is roasted in a sufficiently light fashion to retain the delicate aromas, but still be dark enough for moderately caramelize the sugars in the beans. We apply our expresso roast to several different coffee blends, rather than to a single variety.


Mixing builds variation, dimension and flavor in beverages. Espresso roasts are preferable for espresso beverages due to their aromatic and spicy flavors can be quickly extracted during preparation.





This roasted coffee is the third darkest that we offer, it creates a robust and bittersweet coffee with soft hues, playful and a spicy flavor. The extended roasting time causes a profound difference in taste, although the non-connoisseur cannot detect a color difference between Espresso and Italian roasts. The heat from the roast causes the grains' sugars to completely caramelize, creating a bittersweet flavor over the coffee. Typically, Italian roasted coffees are drip extracted, but can also be prepared in any espresso machine.




The French Roast is almost Black in color. Low in acid, but high in spicy and sour flavor, this coffee has been a favorite for generations. Legend has it that the French roast coffee is named so because the Old World chefs used pans for roasting, giving the coffee a distinctive charcoal coloration. In this roast, the delicate coffee aromas are sacrificed to achieve more spicy flavors.


Whether you love Latte’s, cappuccinos or just a simple hazelnut coffee, the world of coffee is crowning a new java king!


Java Times Caffe has been brewing up coffee for years, and delivers only the most premium cup of coffee found anywhere on the planet!


Don’t Believe Me??!!


Just try a cup Java Times coffee for yourself, and we’re certain you’ll never want different cup of coffee, AGAIN!


But that’s not all . . . is an online platform that welcomes the sale of other coffee, tea, chocolate and even bakery products by other vendors from around the world!


That’s Right!


Java Times Caffe is in the business of sharing our online platform, with only the industries best coffee, tea, chocolate and bakery providers!

We pride our online platform on its ability to create a one-stop-shop for everything our site visitors could possibly dream of!


Java Times Caffe is truly an online Mecca for just about anything and everything you would find in your traditional café or local bakery.


Maybe it’s time you visited our website for yourself, so you can experience what so many others enjoy everytime they shop on!


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