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Key Facts Regarding Making The Best Opening a Coffee Shop

Key Facts Regarding Making The Best Opening a Coffee Shop

Posted on: 24 Jan, 2017 | 10:03AM
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Coffee and its aroma can really drive one crazy.  I do not know about others but for me the aroma of coffee itself makes me crazy and force me to have a cup of coffee instantly.  Only a coffee lover can tell you the taste of a good coffee.  Well we were here to discuss about coffee business.



Well as a fact, it depends what is the range of investment you are planning to invest. Well a coffee shop business is a best business option.  Either you can open a new coffee shop or take an coffee shop franchise.  This is the only business in which both the options are fruitful.




Open new Coffee Shop: Opening of a new coffee shop is a challenge but a good business idea. Here you have to start everything from a scratch.  There is nothing readymade for you. You need to build an umpire of your own.  You can take guidance from professionals or talented friends.  That is totally your decision. However, there are some factors one has to take care before taking any decision.




  • Business strategy: First of all a making of a business plan is a must. Only then one can be clear what exactly has to be done. Next a good list of customers has to be made. It will be helpful. You can attract your customers by sending them invitations, or offers if you have a customer list. Select a good location to place your coffee shop. The investment point of view, a place has to be selected which is not expensive at the same time you can attract the customers. As coffee business sounds easy, you find ‘n’ number of competitors. Now plan your strategies to tackle your competitors.  This is an important thing to be done. Only when your competitors are kept under watch you can succeed in promoting your product.



  • Coffee shop Floor plan: Before setting up of coffee shop the floor plan has to be designed. This has to be planned as per the plan where you want to place your staff and the customers. A good suggestion from me- always see that your staff and the customers do not collide with each other.  Arrange the space in a such a way that both your staff and the customers can move freely and without much disturbance for either of them.  It should be in such a way that it can handle the customer rush.



Secondly, the seating arrangements for the customers should be good. Normally people come to coffee shop to spend some quality time having a good coffee. And if you do not give the proper seating, this may be a setback for you.




  • Investment: A business is like a blotting paper. The more you pour the more it will soak. The same way, the more you invest, the more it will take. So plan your requirements accordingly and keeping the budget in mind, make all the purchases.



  • Advertising: Even before you open, you need to create awareness among public about your coffee shop. Develop a local network. A mouth publicity is best way of advertising.  This can be successful only if your coffee is really up to the mark. Joining the local chamber of commerce, a business association, or a local charity is also good idea.  While creating a website  platform for yourself for attracting people of other localities is also helpful.



  • Legalities: After planning everything, you need to take approval from the concerned departments legally to avoid further problems.  Even if your coffee shop does not have hi-fi and artistic show pieces to attract customers, a hygienic and clean environment will always get a clean chit from the concerned department.




Whatever procedures you have to follow, one thing is clear you are owner of your own coffee shop. And that is itself a success.  You can do anything of course under legal bindings.  Every rupee earned by you is your own income.  The profit or Loss is totally borne by you.




Coffee Shop Franchise:  A Coffee Shop Franchise is nothing but opening of a chain store of the parent store. Here, as per legality, there are two parties involved in a transaction- Franchisor & franchisee.  Franchisor is a person or company which is willing to share its brand name on payment of some royalty fees, on the other hand a Franchisee is  a person who is purchasing the right to use a business trademarks.  It may include use of associated brands also.




It is often seen that a franchisor’s success depends on the success of the franchisee as the parent company will be popular everywhere only if its chain stores are successful and are running smoothly in respective areas. Normally a coffee shop franchisee is under the obligation of the payment of any of these - royalty fees or reimbursement for the training and advisory services given to the franchisee or percentage in individual’s sales. The franchise agreement usually will be made on annual basis and has to be renewed regularly.




The coffee shop franchisee is under advantageous position as he need not invest on the assets. The tangibles and intangibles such as national or international advertising, training and other support services are done by the franchisor. The only investment he has to do is look of for a good place to establish his coffee shop franchisee.  He has to concentrate on the brand name and a brand name can be popular in a sophisticated and hygenic place. You find a good gathering in these sort of places. An ideal place for placing Coffee shop franchises are big malls, multiplexes etc. where you find all sorts of people who can afford for a branded coffee.




If you are considering suggestions, I would suggest Java Times Caffe Whatever the situation may be, whether you are opening a new coffee shop or opting for coffee shop franchise, Java Times Caffe gives you the best support and knowledgeable suggestions. Don’t hesitate and approach them for a successful business career.


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